Better Price Guarantee

  • Based on complete orders only, not on individual prices within an order
  • Installed or carried out
  • Apples to apples – customer must identify products and dealer generated pricing.
  • Some companies private label their products in an effort to eliminate competition, which allows them to raise prices.
    Private label products may be difficult to identify. If unidentifiable, a comparable product will be accepted at the same price.
  • If you find a deal we can identify and verify, but cannot match, we will give you a $50 VISA gift card.

Thank you for considering Supreme Floor Company!

Supreme Floor strives to provide quality products and workmanship at a competitive price. Our better price guarantee
gives you assurance that you won’t find a better price anywhere else.

When you shop with us, it is also supporting your local community with jobs, and tax revenue.

Shopping at our store gives you the local names and faces to voice any concerns that might arise after installation.
Thanks for shopping with us!


                                        Stuart and Lea Isaac